Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting my Mojo Back

I decided last year that I would start a journal and I follow Journal 52.  Well, at the end of last year I got caught on a prompt and hated what I did.  It stared at me for months.  I was prepping a canvas and had some left over gesso so I covered up the ugly and started fresh.  

This is what I came up with.  I wasn't following a theme just trying to get back to journaling.  
Layer 1: Hand written tea related words
Layer 2: Tea stained (yep I brewed and stained)
Layer 3: Splattered white paint
Layer 4: Decorative paper to form tea cups
Layer 5: Lace and tea boarder
Layer 6: Swirl stencil with molding paste painted with sparkling H2O's
Layer 7: Distress Stickles Rock Candy  (on the teacups)

I've done two other pages since finishing this one.  I'd say I have my journaling mojo back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Travel Accordion Book

 This year is the 100th Anniversary of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition and Alpha Stamps is Celebrating!
 There is just something about postcards that scream, historical fun events, to me.  So to help celebrate this event with Alpha Stamps I've created some postcards highlighting events from the Exposition.  When I was done making the postcards I felt like I hadn't done enough.  I've been itching to make a book accordion file so voila, the perfect way to store postcards!  
 The size/shape of the book was very important.  It needed to not be very thick and it also needed to be larger.  Mine measures 8 1/2 "long, 5 3/4" wide and 1" deep when it is closed.  
 The outside is decorated with papers from the Tim Holtz Destinations pack. The woman image is from the Travel Reading Collage Sheet.  The extra bits are some 2mm and 3 mm Brass Flat-Back Studs, Mini Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (which I wrapped around in case the accordion gets full),  and gold zig zag dresden boarders.
 I'm going to do a tutorial on how I made the accordion portion of the book.  I got the basics from Wings of Whimsy but ran into a few issues and have some tips.  
 Now onto the events postcards!
The store with Uncle Sam (at least that is who I thought he was) coming out the top is a watch store.  So I ran with that.  I used images from the Fun photos from the Fair Collage SheetFun Vintage Pics Collage sheet, The 4th of July Collage Sheet and Tiny Vintage Letters and Postage Collage Sheet. Some of the other goodies I used were from the Tim Holtz Destinations paper pack, dazzles silver thin line stickers and tiny star sequins (all available at Alpha Stamps).
 For my second postcard I used a lot of the same things as I did on the Watch Postcard.  I pulled extra images from the Tiny Vintage Scrapbook Collage Sheet.  The letters/ numbers that are supposed to look like typewriter keys came from the Star Crossed paper pack. I also used some postmark paper tape along the bottom and my favorite, Liquid pearls in platinum
The folder and postcards are available to purchase together in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for the tutorial.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mermaid Altered Tart Tin Trinket Box

 Tart tins are so pretty.  You can do practically anything with them and end up with a gorgeous piece.   Because of this it is hard to think outside the box sometimes, but that is what I tried to do, use the shabby chic tins in a new way. 
 These tins came all shabby chiced up which left me with two ideas, vintage little girls or mermaids and y'all know how much I loves me some mermaids.  This image is from the Carribean Blue Mermaids Collage Sheet.
 Around her I added clear acrylic sprays, pearls, and leaf ribbon.  
To create the blue spray I took 22 gauge wire and coated it with hot glue.  While the glue was drying I mixed three different colors of micro beads - Aqua, White and Turquoise, in a small container. next I coated the dried (and bumpy) hot glue with  a thick fast drying glue and rolled it in the micro bead mixture.  Ever so gently I pressed the beads into the glue and set it aside to dry.  
 Because every jewelry box opening has something pretty by it I made some architectural flourishes with hot glue, so they would shape to the tin, painted them with coordinating paint to match the tin.  A few tiny read seashells and a brass charm finish off the opening. 
 Inside I covered the top and bottom with paper from the Star Crossed collection.  I know that someone someday will put something pretty inside these tins but until then when you open it a brass fish, bead filled glass vial and pearls decorate it.  
Thank you for stopping by.  
This piece is available in my Etsy Store.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

 This year to celebrate Easter I decided to take part in blissfullART's Easter Tin Swap.
What I ended up with is one of the most major deviations from a plan I have ever done but I love how it ended up (despite numerous mistakes).
You can't tell in the photo's but the tin background is shimmery gold over a textured light pink.
 My plan always called for a decorated egg on the inside.  I carefully cut, sized and decorated the egg.  It wasn't until after I glued it into the tin that I realized I had decorated the wrong half, the bigger half, so now the tin doesn't close :(
 Just look at that detail!  I love how this turned out.  The mold is a silicone mold-ornaments and settings.  The piece needed to be flexible to wrap around the tin so I used hot glue.  Yep, you read that right, I put hot glue in the mold.  Waited a few minutes, popped it out and spray painted it gold.  
 Inside I ended up making the non closure worse by adding the grass at the base of the bunnies feet.  I guess at this point it didn't matter, it was never going to close and the grass is fun.  Still frustrated me.
I really hope that my swap partner likes what I have created for her.  The one she made for me arrived a few days ago and I can't wait to share it with you it is a glitter tarts dream come true!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mash Up! Marie Antoinette and The Mad Hatter Tea Cup

 The Alpha Stamps kit this month is Marie in Wonderland!
This one was custom made for me...Marie and Alice and The Mad Hatter and Marie....need I go on????
 I started with a Tea Cup idea, wanting to create a scene inside the cup and have things going on on the outside.  Originally I thought, hey lets hang it from the handle and dangle things off the rim of the cup, but obviously the piece evolved in a different direction.
I know you have seen those darling scenes inside real cups.  Well, I was too scared (remember I was going to dangle things which meant drilling into the cup) and didn't want to buy a cup so I found this fabulous paper mache teacup tutorial and followed it.
 The cup is covered with paper from the Harmony 6x6 paper pad it took a little over one sheet to do the entire cup.  Inside The Mad hatter is featured (Mad Hatters tea party #2 Collage Sheet) sitting at a table with a 3D Bronze Tea Time teapot charm, mini strawberry cake and a mini heart tart cake charm.  The table cloth is a bit of lace (1/2 Inch Natural Scalloped cotton lace).  Some mini rose buds and a raw brass flourish finish off the scene.
 Next came some fun top hats.  Those things are itty bitty...as in 1"!
The hats are covered with paper from the Harmony collection, then adorned with 1/8" Red Satin Ribbon (hides the seam where the base of the hat meets the hat), heart sequin mix, clock face buttons, and mini rose buds.  I affixed them to the cup using 22 gauge wire that I covered with red seed beads.
This is the pattern I used.  I am sorry I can't remember where I got it from but it was originally much bigger.  I shrunk it down in photoshop.  
 Marie herself is an image from the Marie Takes Tea Collage Sheet.  To dress her up I added some 1mm micro pearls and some more of the red ribbon tied in itty bitty bows.  Her center bow was created using the mini bows silicone mold.  I used paper clay and red paint to make the bow.
Even though you can't really see the cup I wanted to dress it up.  Thin looped Dresden boarders are what I used around the rims.  Since it is Marie, a few paper clay Fluer de lis adorn the cups. 

Now lets chat about the handle.  
I was going to use a really awesome resin casting.  If you take the resin piece out before it is really hard it bends!   However when I did that I wasn't ready to attach it yet and it got too hard by the time I was.  So if you want the ice resin handle (shown below) your cup needs to be ready for a handle when you make it.  Bend the piece gently and hot glue into place.  The hot glue will hold the bend and the resin will harden in that shape.
 Notice how it is holding its shape without me even holding it after I bent it.  
I selected a piece from the Architectural flourishes silicone mold and made it using paper clay.  Next I attached the handle (from the tutorial) using hot glue.  Then came the tricky part.  I took the paper clay out of the mold (still wet), very carefully cut off the ugly bits and then glued it to the handle.  I used a regular glue to glue it.  Now walk away!  It has to dry before you can do anything else with it.  Once the paper clay was dry I painted the entire handle.   
I had a fun time creating this piece.  I also tried a bunch of different items in my molds.  In the next few days I will have an information post up, I used bees wax, hot glue, ice resin, paper clay,  you name it I tried it and some of them are great!  
Thanks so much for stopping by!
This piece is on sale in my Etsy Shop.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fabric & Lace Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

 Lace Cuff's are very popular right now and so easy to make.  I thought I would share with you the one I made recently and how I made it.  Sit back and relax, this is heavy on pictures.
 Most of the supplies I used are available from Alpha Stamps (a complete list of supplies is provided at the end)
Blue Jean (or other heavy fabric like this printed burlap)
Charms (I made mine using supplies from Alpha Stamps, listed below)
 Step 1: Measure your writs.  Mine was 6" so I decided to cut my fabric 7" giving me a 1/2" seem allowance at both ends.  Because I am using a chain and clasp closure method I did not have to worry about making the fit exact.
 Step 2: Measure the base fabric.  
** Not shown in pictures.  
I laid out my laces and ribbon to determine how wide I wanted to make the bracelet.  I went with 2 1/2" 
 Step 3: Optional.  I decided to rip the jeans to give the edges a frayed look.  You could of course cut the fabric.
 Here is my base fabric.  It is roughly 2 1/2" wide and 7" long.
 Step 4:  Lay out the ribbon, lace and charms to get a feel for where you want them.  This helped me determine how wide to make the tulle, it is 1 1/2" by 25" (you want the tulle long enough to gather nicely and slightly wider than the charms you are using, my charm is 1").
 Step 5:  Sew a running stitch up both sides of the tulle.
 Step 6:  On one end of the tulle, tie a knot, on both the right and left sides  
 Step 7: At the other end of the tulle, separate the threads and pull on one per side.  
Step 8:  Keep pulling on the same threads, working the gathered fabric down to the end with the knots.  
 Step 9:  Now that the tulle is gathered, spread it out and pin it to your base fabric.  
 Step 10:  To determine the order you need to sew down your ribbons place all of them on one side and pin them.  
 Step 11:  Sew the ribbon and lace down using a running stitch.  You might have to move some of them aside to sew others down (as shown in the picture above).  You want them all to be as flowy as possible so don't sew them where they don't need sewing, just one stitch per ribbon is fine.
** I used a sewing machine but this entire project could be done by hand if you don't have one or if it scares you (yes, my sewing machine scares me on a regular basis).
 Step 12:  Place the lace/ribbon on the other side of the bracelet.  The white lace I choose to put under the blue jean.  The image above shows it affixed to the back of the bracelet.  
 Notice I have only sewn down one side of my Tulle.  That is because it goes over all my other ribbons/laces.  
 Step 13:  Pin the remaining ribbons/laces to the bracelet and sew them on.
 Here is the cuff with all of the ribbon and lace sewn on.
 Step 14: Fold the ends under and sew them down.  I folded them over twice so that the finished seem was nice and clean

 Now it is time to affix the chains and charms.  This portion has to be done by hand.  
Besides the charms and chain you will need
Coordinating thread
Chain nose pliers
1 step looper tool (not necessary but so easy)
diagonal pliers
 The above charm I made using the following items 1" round slide glass, Collage Birds Pendants Collage Sheet, Harmony 6x6 paper pad, jump rings.  I soldered it all together but you could use the 1" Brass Pendants with 2 loops and glue the glass on top with diamond glaze.

Step 15:  Determine where you want the charm to sit and measure the length of chain you will need.  Affix it to the charm.
 Step 16:  Sew the other end of the chain to the end of the bracelet.  Do this for both sides.
 This is how it looks with only one charm.  I like it but thought the addition of the smaller charm would be nice.
 Repeat steps 15 and 16 to attach the smaller charm.
Supplies used to create the smaller charm are 
 Almost done
 Step 17: Sew on the clasp.
Step 18: Determine how much chain you would like, cut it to size and sew it onto the bracelet.  
This type of closer is especially nice if you are giving the bracelet as a gift.  You don't have to know the exact wrist size of the wearer.  
To finish it off I affixed some pearls to the end of the chain.  

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy making your own!
This one is for sale in my Etsy shop and I am taking custom orders.

Supplies available from Alpha Stamps
Blue Jean (or other heavy fabric like this printed burlap) cut 7"
Pink Tulle cut 1 1/2" by 25"

Other Supplies Used
(* items are not necessary but make it easier)
Sewing Machine*
Tape Measure
Quilters Ruler*
Rotary Cutter*
Cutting Mat*
Straght pins
Iron/Ironing board
Cordinating thread
Chain nose pliers
diagonal pliers